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Easy Breakfast Ideas


  1. Posted by cottagecorefarm, — Reply

    when i am hungry throughout the day i will just have the tiniest spoon of pb and then i am full for up to an hour, idk how ppl are saying it doesn’t fill them up haha 😂

  2. Posted by edjune26, — Reply

    maybe i just have a small stomach or somethin but i would not feel hungry after eating 1 cup of oatmeal, i’d feel full for HOURS afterwards lol (am i the only one??) Edit: I wasn't expecting much attention from this comment lol

  3. Posted by eleftheriia7, — Reply

    Guys if you take a huge spoonful of pb its not 1tbsp, you know? The picture is 2+ tbsp of pb. Have as much as you want, this post is just not accurate.

  4. Posted by kearstenecss, — Reply

    When I was breastfeeding I would eat a bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon bananas and peanut butter everymorning with lots of water and seem to help with my supply

  5. Posted by almaioni906, — Reply

    I love oatmeal it’s my favorite food but I NEVER feel full for hours, I eat half a cup or sometimes a cup of oatmeal but I’m never full afterwards

  6. Posted by roshnisanghvi1, — Reply

    Hi, Would you be able to add me in your Vegan/Nutrition/Fitness/Recipes Group Boards? I can do the same for my group boards incase you are intrested.

  7. Posted by warddie, — Reply

    What is good/tasty for one isn't for another. Search for vegan celiac or sugar substitutes they are out there. Not all fruits are equal in calories search. Happy shopping 🤗

  8. Posted by Luna_7_8_9, — Reply

    İt says full for hours but for me if first picture fills me up an hour other one fills me up around 2 hours or 2 and half hours and it doesn’t even satisfy me!!(Maybe because I’m tall but still..)So my solution;make double servings 😅😅

  9. Posted by sofiaelizamax, — Reply

    I do frequently eat oat meal I am a lot smaller so I don’t really feel hungry after but I suggest that maybe eating it slower it will make you full and I’m a full time dancer so I don’t really have to think abt a lot of things so maybe your. Not hungry your just bored so maybe make yourself busy doing something else

  10. Posted by losmun28, — Reply

    Another thing you can do is get some tea of your choice, and put a spoon of peanutbutter in the tea and warm up the tea for like 3 min but, that’s just me you can warm the tea up how ever long or short you want. if you want you can add sugar 👍🏼 it may sound gross but I think you should try it .p.s plssssss don’t come at me if you don’t like it..

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